Monday, March 03, 2008

Two wrongs do make a right

Hello, hello, hello.

As you've all been aware by now, all Siber Party of Malaysia (M) candidates were returned unopposed in their respective constituencies. We are thrilled at having increased our representation by 500%. You'll now see YBB Dek Mat, YBB Mat Merah, YBB Tatak Sombong and me joining our Chief Whip YBB Minah Black in Parliament. That girl needs company, if you know what I mean.

While we're absolutely ecstatic at the party's showing this time around, we think that it would have been better to actually have to compete just to allow our constituents to exercise their constitutional right to pangkah the ballot paper. Quite obviously, due to us being uncontested, our constituents were denied their time-off from work to mengundi for us. That's 4 hours of productivity they could not skivvy off from. What a waste !

Moving forward though, we think that though we are all parliamentarians now, we still owe it to our constituents and the people of Malaysia to tell them what we stand for. Hence the release of our manifesto, The Power of 4G.

We now think that why bother just stopping at denying the 2/3 majority, after all, what can we do without the mandate to govern the nation ? So as our Chief Whip announced yesterday, we are going for broke and standing in the other seats we have yet to secure. Like we told our good friend Hafiz, we reaffirm our stand that bloggers shouldnt be elected just because they are bloggers, but because they will make good parliamentarians and stand for something their constituents believe in.

And unlike Jeff Ooi, we will not ask to ban race based parties either. After all, wouldn't doing that be tantamount to eroding the rights of freedom of association ? If birds of a feather want to flock together, then let them by all means. You'll just get a lot of noise and a lot of avian doodoo falling from the trees.

So, I am proud to unveil our electoral poster and the party symbol in the coming March 8th elections. We've decided to keep it simple, and done away with complex symbols. Going black and white will ease our financial burden during campaigning, for not all of us are able to raise RM113,000 through donations from birds of a feather. We'll only be raising funds through Mydeen's mamak shop, where RM0.10 from every teh tarik purchased will go towards SiPM campaign funds. While Mydeen does sell a lot of teh tariks, that still won't be enough for a full fledged publicity campaign.

So, without much fanfare, do allow us to unveil our party symbol, the humble X. Just turning up at the polling booth and placing an X on the ballot paper would be a vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M).

A simple X, that's all it takes to let us know that you want us. Remember, you the people, have got the power.


Fashionasia said...

oh my bitter gourd....why so free to blog this bukan-bukan wan...

Dek Mat said...

where got bukan-bukan... we're serious!

walski69 said...

4G to the Power of X... love it, love it... And Walski will definitely be voting for SiPM on March 8th.

Although 2 wrongs DO make a right, please also remember that 3 rights actually make a LEFT.

And since he doesn't want to be LEFT behind, Walski hereby endorses (again) SiPM's campaign (post coming soon).

"4G to the power of X" will set you free...

shag said...

saya sokong X
sebab saya suka bersek

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Yeah, we like a shag too. :)