Tuesday, March 04, 2008

UnLosing the Plots

Newsflash: So the the use of indelible ink is now canceled by the SPR.

The reason given was because similar ink was imported by individuals which in turn could lead to abuse by forcing the use of the ink prior to the elections on rural voters who are unable to understand the use of the ink properly.

Thus to avoid potential confusion and public disorder, the use of the indelible ink is canceled.

What seems to be something akin to an elaborate ploy of cheating by the parties in power according to the opposition parties, we at SiPM yawn at such allegations.

As we have stated before, "the four-point Bersih memorandum, to clean up the electoral rolls, use indelible ink, abolish postal votes and further access to the media did not have the single most important reform of all in the country."

To promote democracy and fairness at its best altruism, SiPM advocates a One Man One Vote system and this is what we will implement when in power.

Only when the rakyat is properly represented, will fairness try to take on its best form.

Speaking of unfairness, yesterday the courts jailed Kamariah Ali for two years for apostasy.

Unbeknown to the Malays, they are THE most repressed race in this country.

Compared to other Malaysians, only the Malays are unable to choose their own religion and are coerced to accept only one faith or face detention.

Worse still one may have to succumb to hypocrisy and worship privately away from overzealous eyes.

This is why SiPM will also not agree with the opposition's stand "to revive the 1957 Constitution", where the Malays are defined as being Muslims.

One can always change one's religion but not one's race.

To not have the Constitution being amended too many times is one thing, but SiPM aims to redress this glaring setback for the Malays.

The party in power and the opposition are losing the plot.

Vote for SiPM and you won't lose your right for fair representation nor lose your religion.

LEGALISE IT: The power of 4G.



Elanor said...

excellent post. you guys deserve to win, uncontested or otherwise :)

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Thanks a bunch, Elanor. Do tell your friends about us. Remember, just placing an X on the ballot paper is a vote for SiPM.

We also invite you to drop by party campaign headquarters at Mamak Mydeen's at Kawasan P.786, Mamak Maju for some teh tarik.