Thursday, March 06, 2008

From the Frontline

Across the country, politicians are becoming shetland ponies.

Yeah. A little ho(a)rse - shouting, cajoling, pleading, hectoring, castigating, laughing, smiling and generally abusing their vocal cords for support while others get cash to keep the campaign going. Some pluck guitar strings to tug at heart strings for a vote or at least a sympathetic ear to their cause.

Then there are those quietly confident of victory while others get a boost in support.

The Siber Party of Malaysia (M)? We won five and are now going for other seats. Just an X by all voters and we are a shoo-in to win the other seats. Our manifesto has found resonance, yet there are other issues we need to cover and reassure that we remain a party that cares for all.

For example, we have previously said we will cut the civil service by half but having seen the crime index shoot up over the past two years, we now intend to turn most of the General Operations Force and the Federal Reserve Unit personnel into general duty policemen.

We believe this can free up about 10 percent of the current 90,000-strong police force apart from on-going efforts to get the uniformed personnel who do administrative work to actually patrol the streets.

We also want to get the breweries to reduce beer prices. Nothing better than affordable beer to keep one straight and narrow and totally sober.

Well, that is our experience in Langkawi, Labuan and now Tioman whenever we go for parties. Beer to cheap that we just want to drink water.

Also, more importantly, we discovered that there are many of the Christian faithful fretting about the creeping Islamisation in the country and the banning of the word Allah. While we oppose this arbitrary banning, we think it is not a reason to migrate or claim oppression.

Come on, wouldn't you make some noise if the ruling coalition made it mandatory to use the word Allah. So get with the programme and punish the ruling parties, put the X for us.

After all, every vote is sacred.


Kakitangan SPR said...


Analisis terbaru merumuskan Barisan Nasional berada dalam keadaan yang amat tertekan. Takut kempen tak sampai hala-tujuan.

Terpaksalah teknik pengundian berulang kembali dipraktiskan. Hantu-hantu belaan dikerah pastikan kemenangan untuk calon Barisan.

Maaflah, dakwat penanda tak dapat sambutan. Mungkin sekadar gimick dan hanya hiburan. Bagaimana rakyat Malaysia mudah diperbodoh-bodohkan.

Bangunlah dan buka mata rakyat sekalian. Tunjukkan kita mampu untuk hentikan... segala salah guna kuasa dan pelbagai penipuan.

Beranilah UNDI untuk satu perubahan.

Selamat Menunaikan Tanggungjawab Kepada Seluruh Rakyat Malaysia Yang Berkelayakan.

Pilihan Raya Umum ke 12, 2008
Referendum Rakyat Membenteras Penyelewengan.

Mat Merah said...

Terima kasih kami ucapkan kepada kakitangan spr kerana sudi melawat dan memberi komen.

Tapi tidak kah saudara/saudari patut berkecuali dalam mengendalikan pilihanraya?

Dan siapa atau dari mana kah pihak tuan mendapat analisis tersebut?

Nampak gaya saudara/saudari menyeleweng membazir prasarana kerajaan yang dibiayai dengan duit cukai rakyat.

Kalau nak undi, undi Siber Party Malaysia (M).

juslo said...

kepada para pemimpin-pemimpin SPM,

pohon izin untuk menyampaikan mesej pilihanraya bagi pihak PUNDAK...

it’s almost polling day. no matter, i just hope all of us would give it a thought, pre- or post- election.

just want to make a ‘final push’ for PUNDAK… hehe…

Election 2008 - Vote for PUNDAK

honestly, i dont think PUNDAK (’my’ PUNDAK, that is…) is going to make any serious ‘impact’ or receive any serious ’support’ from the voters this election, (bcos we lack funds to campaign n all that, u know…) so there’s actually no need for anybody to feel strongly about what i say. (like some did at "The Last Straw",

but i think it’s a nice opportunity for all of us to think thru this idea, n what our attitudes towards BN n opposition should b. u know, in a ‘laboratory of thoughts’ kind of way…


now, THIS is what worries me…

“”We should have a right to make a choice. ******I’m not voting because to me, there seems to be no choice******,” said Akmal Hakim, 29, a waiter at a fast food outlet and one of the young Muslim Malays who are the majority of non-voters.”

Young M’sians say polls make no difference

it’s a VERY DANGEROUS development - political apathy. to me the biggest danger is not that BN continues to b in power, but that we NO LONGER CARE what they do WHILE IN POWER.

so, i would argue that with PUNDAK, we can at least tell these disenchanted youths that look, u might b right that there’s no choice, but it doesnt mean that u cant/dont have to vote. apart from black n white, there’s a THIRD choice in between: neutral.

NOTE that when PUNDAK campaigns, we r ‘talking to’ THAT CATEGORY of people who r not going to vote for BN nor going to vote for opposition, no matter how hard to try to persuade them. (so, opposition supporters need not worry, actually… we r campaigning to opposition- cum BN- haters.)

they r PUNDAK’s ‘target constituencies’, so to speak (apart from those who would still vote but would vote for BN by default bcos they think along the line of choosing the ‘lesser of 2 evils’). for this group of people, the obvious answer is - not going to vote AT ALL.

to me, if we can get the message across to this group of people that they DO HAVE A CHOICE - of spoiling their votes - it would b a VERY POWERFUL message to them, bcos it will make them feel EMPOWERED - it will make them feel WANTED bcos both sides would now ‘come n get them’ - so they will still PARTICIPATE in the electoral process.

to make sure they PARTICIPATE is tremendously important for the country in the long run bcos by merely participating in PUNDAK’s way - to spoil their votes BCOS THERE IS NO GOOD CHOICE - would mean that they r now ENGAGED in the political development of the country.

there’s a REASON why they vote for PUNDAK - bcos they THINK N FEEL that none of them is good enough, AND AND AND they WANT TO SEE BETTER CHOICES in the future.

in other words, by joining PUNDAK, they’ll begin to PAY ATTENTION to the politics of this country, n TAKE AN INTEREST in scrutinizing our politicians, BN n opposition alike. which means we would have ‘brought back’ a POWERFUL GROUP of middle voters who THINK n PAY ATTENTION BCOS THEY WANT A BETTER FUTURE FOR MALAYSIA.

so, they’ll begin to develop a sense of ‘ownership’ n ’stake’ in the electoral process. they’ll feel that there’s still something they could do - to EXPRESS THEIR ANGER N DISAPPOINTMENT - even when they don’t have a ‘choice’.

n if PUNDAK is the way to bring them ‘back’, so be it. maybe we’ll not achieve anything this election, but the mere fact of bringing so many of them ‘back’ is a MONUMENTAL STEP FORWARD, i think.

think about it, FIVE MILLIONS (the current total registered voters r only 10m plus - they could easily make a HUGE difference in outcome, in future elections):

“Former deputy premier Musa Hitam estimated that some five million people would not exercise their right to vote, in a trend he said threatened “the very fabric of the democratic process”.

*******”Some are not happy with the government, yet don’t feel they should come out and vote against the government. Some say they are simply fed up with politics. They are saying, ‘We’ll get nothing out of it’,” he said in a newspaper interview.

“And some are saying, ‘Well, whether we vote or not, they (the coalition) are going to win for sure’.”*******”

FIVE MILLIONS, n growing…

lastly, i leave with u what Tony Benn said to Michael Moore in ‘Sicko’ (extended version):

“when people are hopeless and feel they cant make any difference, they are easier to govern.” (something like that…)