Saturday, January 23, 2010

Say My Name

You know you are in a great country when the people fight over who gets the right to call God, God!

Be it in English or Arabic or your own mother-tongue. So it is that Siber Party of Malaysia (M)'s (SiPM) Malaysia spent the first three weeks of the year debating about God, praying to God about helping and defending God, attacking churches, gurdwaras and mosques over His name.

If that is not 1 Malaysia, tell us what is? If that is not Malaysian Malaysia, tell us what is? If that is not the new, all-improved Middle Malaysia, tell us what is? If that is not a recipe for disaster, tell us what is?

Now depending where you read this, apparently there are some words you cannot utter for fear of misleading the faithful of some faiths and confuse them over whether God is God or perhaps God!

We in SiPM (M) have faced the reality that the solution to the issue is no solution at all. Call God God or whatever else, He is still He and the Almighty. And if He is not, then why are people fighting over naming rights?

Perhaps its a lack of faith among the faithful. This is no problem to the faithless as they have no faith but for the faithful, it is a huge problem. Almost as big as God, not god!

We note that those who fight over His name have many things in common - they are right-wing nuts with prayer beads and beards prowling about in robes. They only dispute is whether they should share His name for they agree on almost everything else.

What a pity.

We in SiPM (M) can only say this, take note of the first three weeks of 2010 in Malaysia and continue to say His name. Whatever you want to call Him! If not, call us.