Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Chief Whips: Bound and Gagged

Bound and Gagged... and we are not talking sex here, babes!

My Baldwins were like, involved in the thrust-and-parry of verbal violence over the weekend and got bound and gagged by some Barney, though they wish it was Betties that kept them sooo tongue-tied.

Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Which like, made me totally think. I sooo do that sometimes ;)

Like, why do people behave badly behind the monitor and keyboard? You know, Blog Rage. Yeah babes, just like road rage with those spaz behind the wheel on the road.

Like, ewwwwwwwww... what's up with the name-calling and the comment banning? Is that fair? As if.

Get real with the freedom of speech already. No use sayin it without meaning it, that is just soooo gross!

Mother used to say Mana budi bahasa, nak ? and Mrs Tan said this in class Language, churren, language ! but like, I guess that's just the gross thing to these days, being polite I mean.

So like, even if we differ on opinions and ideas, I wish we could sooo do it with some politeness. I've told the boys the same. Rez Darling, you were right! They were rough to the max!

Sooo, that's like my request this week. Stay Polite!

Will go back to surfing the 'net now.

Oh. My. God. That feels like watching a washing machine work! Now that is tripendicular !

OK. Gurlz. Speak. Out. Now. No. Censorship!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Week That Wanked By: 16th Jan-23rd Jan 2007 Freedom Fighters Fight Freedom

Damnitt! I thought last week was crazy but this week has topped that.

Some guest blogger wrote on Monsterblog that the blogosphere went in to a fever frenzy.

But what was good about this fever frenzy is that we believe that we have managed to have a healthy discussion on the rights of the individual to free speech and the other individual's rights to prosecute him in court for defamation.

You can check our previous postings on this very lively discussion or you could also visit all the other places where SiPM fellow Politburo members have commented in. They are among others our dear Mat Poster Kickdefella, Marina Mahathir, etc. Heck just google SiPM, Dek Mat, Mydeen Aboo Backer or Mat Merah!

But most of our attention was especially for Kickdefella as he is the co-manager of Bloggers United. That is where the best parties are! Here's a recap!

  1. SiPM Politburo starts commenting on the discussion.
  2. SiPM continues to comment in this post.
  3. SiPM gets banned in Kickdefella
  4. SiPM continues to post comments without any url in this post
  5. SiPM continues to post comments without any url in this post
  6. SiPM continues to post comments with a workaround url in this post
  7. SiPM gets unbanned and continues with its comments in this post.
How did we get around the url ban and how did we unban ourselves, well, hop on over to Kickdefella to find out!

Ok, that's it folks. Below (in yellow) will be our statement with regards to the suit and we will not comment on the suit anymore until there is a significant update on the case.

Although we are disappointed that the very same Freedom Fighters Fight Freedom but we now need to move along.

SiPM believes in the freedom of speech and we also believe in the rights of the individual or the corporation to find recourse in courts. We are independent, one of many and many of one, group of people that believe that we should not let ourselves be fearful of the NSTP lawsuit as it is not a clamp down on bloggers. Keep On Blogging! Make your voices heard! And for those who think we are either mentera dot org or the young turks on the 4th floor, well ... continue thinking...

Our voices are the only insurance that we have against the wrongs in this country. Make our voices loud and clear and void of misguided truths, dogma and spin. When it is so, we will realise that when we cash out this "insurance" little by little, Malaysia will continue to be a better place.

Insurance is important, even for Bill Clinton... ;)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Banned in Malaysia

A response to Sheih of Kickdefella

(aka comment #1118 on this thread)

Our dear friend Sheih,

You say, “Yes, I put you guys under the spam category. My action is not disregard of your freedom of speech but because I found you disregard of others freedom of speech.

You’re further reiterating what we’ve said all along, about most people not understanding what freedom of speech is. Do point out to us how any one of our comments has prevented others from either disagreeing or dissenting with us ? We’ve not prevented anyone from speaking nor have we asked anyone to stop speaking. We respond to comments with arguments of our own and engage in debate. How have we disregarded the freedom of speech of others ?

However, other commentors in your blog have taken to not responding to us but instead resorting to name-calling and insults. I suppose that is covered under your brand of free speech.

You also say, “You have used this blog to spread contagious unfriendly virus“. Pray do tell and point out where and how we spread this contagious unfriendly virus ? SiPM would have thought that someone as tech-savvy as you could tell what a virus really is.

Finally, you’re being incorrect when you define us as spam. Spam’s definitions can be found here and here. Unfortunately though, none of our comments falls under this definition, so categorizing us this way is both incorrect and of course, unethical when you consider that this entire campaign of yours is to promote freedom of speech.

(This above is posted here due to Kickdefella moderating us out and categorizing us as spam)

We at Siber Party of Malaysia (M) are not against free speech. We are for ensuring that the rights of all citizens are protected and are met. This includes both the rights to free speech as well as the rights of ordinary citizens to seek legal redress if they feel they have been defamed. The problem with free speech is that many people do not really understand what it is, but will proclaim that their rights have been trampled upon when it is challenged.

We, however, support his right to ban us. We would like to point out that this is exactly what the injunction against Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Attan is about. The plaintiffs have categorized their postings as defamatory which the courts will decide on, just as Kickdefella has categorized our comments as spam. At the very least, Jeff and Ahirudin will get their day in court. SiPM won't.

This episode on Kickdefella, who incidentally is co-manager of Bloggers United, illustrates that even defenders of free speech will not tolerate speech which is dissenting of the freedom fighters. Mydeen wonders what Jose Mourinho is going to be saying about this. Maybe he might like a friendly match with Bloggers United, or maybe Bloggers United wants a friendly match with MyTeam.

This is also about spin, the spin which is in full effect. The spin says that freedom of speech is being threatened. The spin says that bloggers are being persecuted. The spin is gaining momentum. We don't like spin. We, as Malaysians, have been subjected to spin for so long.

Maybe they do not know how to do it another way, when Malaysians resort to spin in defence of their rights. Maybe we are spinning ourselves into a web which may entrap us. A web which once entrapped eight legs so much that Uncle Ben had to say, "With great power comes great responsibility".

Our video of the day is, of course, a no brainer. Take it away, 2 Live Crew !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Freedom of Spin

Wow ! What a week it has been, hasn't it ? By now we all know about the lawsuits filed by NST and a few individuals against Ahiruddin Attan and Jeff Ooi. And boy, has the response been overwhelmingly single minded.

Bloggers and the defenders of free speech have come out with a war cry and about the "chilling effects of free speech". Rallying behind the defendants, they're now in the midst of arranging for a legal fund to be administrated by Marina Mahathir, among others. We think Marina Mahathir is a good choice for this. She's proven her integrity in the past, though sometimes Mydeen doesn't agree with her opinions.

All this while though, and to their credit, the plaintiffs have maintained a rather elegant silence over the whole thing. Looks like they're going to do their talking in the courts, to be presided over by our civil justice system.

We at SiPM have reiterated that we think this isn't about freedom of speech or about clamping down on bloggers, influential or otherwise. This is about rights, and what happens when two inalienable rights collide. Oliver Wendell Holmes put it very succinctly when he said, "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins".

As MonsterBlog has pointed out, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights defends freedom of speech but this is mitigated by the notion that it does not impede the rights nor reputation of others. The fine act of balancing where another man's nose begins will be left to the courts, as in this case they decide on whether it was fair comment or if it was defamatory.

Which brings us to another fallacy being perpetuated. The blog world is perpetuating the spin that this lawsuit is a result of Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru accusing Brendan Pereira and the NST as plagiarists and that the plaintiffs are filing suit because it is true and that their egos are hurt. Mydeen and his SiPM colleagues think this is quite premature, and frankly, quite presumptious.

Firstly, no one really knows what the two are being sued about, and which offending articles are being referred to. We don't know for sure if this is about plagiarism. But the spin goes on. The spin is prolific and perpetuated in a number of blogs, Kickdefella being one of them. It needs to be remembered that until more details about the lawsuits surface, this conjenctured spin will take precedence. We at SiPM see it for what it is, spin to sway public opinion before the lawsuits hit open court.

The second thing which bothers Mydeen is the assumption that what the bloggers wrote has to be true, and therefore the plaintiffs are running scared and retaliating by suing to assuage their hurt egos. The bloggers need to substantiate their assertions, whatever it is about, in courts first, before we can assume that what they said is true. This isn't about tarnishing either Jeff Ooi's or Ahirudin Attan's character or integrity. This is about following a process long enshrined in our consitution and our civil justice system. The onus is always on the accuser to substantiate his accusations, and in this case the courts will insist on that.

Mydeen has always held that many of the defenders of free speech do not really know what it is, nor would they be able to handle it if it were given to them on a silver platter. The very same bloggers, commenters and armchair analysts who're whoring their opinions all seem to seek to deprive the plaintiffs their rights to sue the bloggers. It does seem like the rights of the bloggers are greater than the rights of others to seek redress. It does seem like bloggers expect themselves to be beyond reproach.

This notion will hold more water if bloggers had been responsible. But there have been many cases in the past where bloggers have acted irresponsibly and have made wild allegations. With this as a background, this lawsuit is perhaps something which the blogging community needs. It'll definitely set a precedent of sort, being the first of its kind in Malaysia. It's not a first in the world, as the spin would like you to believe, as Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report was sued before.

Is this a chilling effect on freedom of speech ? Mydeen and SiPM do not think so. This will further cement the notions of free speech and the rights of bloggers, instead of taking anything away from them. Bloggers have always asked to be put on the same pedestal as mainstream media and publications. If mainstream media and publications can be sued for what they publish, then so can bloggers. If anything, they have now achieved what they have long asked for. Equal rights.

Speaking of equal rights though, it does also seem that many bloggers do not practice what they preach about freedom of speech. Looks like they can only handle it when it supports their worldview, and not dissenting views. SiPM's members have had their comments on some blogs censored before. The trend continues today on Kickdefella's blog. While we still find his movie poster parodies really funny and worthy of being promoted, we however think that Kickdefella went overboard and hypocritical when he has banned all comments from Mat Merah, Dek Mat and Mydeen as long as the comments contain a URL link to Looks like freedom of speech is fine only as long as it coincides with the speech of the freedom fighters.

While we're on the subject, we think that while the campaign to garner a coalition of the willing is commendable, what's with this Bloggers United moniker ? It sounds like a football team doesn't it ? Are they going to be playing in the Malaysian Super League or the English Premier League ? Will they be playing against the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, who incidentally all will face crucial title games this weekend. Or are they setting themselves up for a grudge match with those MyTeam fellas ?

Mydeen would definitely pay for tickets to that match, but the teams must promise to play clean, no hitting below the belt or any Paul Gascoigne type fouls. SiPM will be watching as the fourth and fifth officials of the match.

Whichever way you want to walk, either walking with the bloggers or walking with NST, you need to be consistent in your walk. With that, we'll let some aging rockers tell you how to walk.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Kulliyah Jumaat: Mari Kita Tumpukan Perjuangan!

Syukur kepada yang Maha Kuasa bahawa kita dapat bersua kembali dalam satu lagi edisi Kulliyah Jumaat.

Minggu ini dunia internet kita telah dikejutkan dengan berita News Strait Times yang telah memfailkan saman fitnah terhadap Jeff Ooi dan Rocky.

Tetapi di SiPM, kami tidak terkejut.

Seperti mana yang telah kami paparkan di ruangan komen di blog-blog yang membahaskan tentang kes saman fitnah ini, SiPM tanpa ragu akan membela hak untuk bersuara tetapi pada masa yang sama SiPM juga turut membela hak untuk sesiapa pun untuk menyaman fitnah demi keadilan!

Kes saman fitnah ini memang unik untuk sistem perundangan negara kita. Dengan itu kita harus memberi tumpuan kepada fakta-fakta yang penting:

  1. Jika benar Jeff Ooi dan Rocky memfitnah maka sabitlah kesalahan, kalau tidak maka tidak bersalahlah mereka. Kita sudah tentu akan tahu dengan mata kasar kita sendiri dengan mengikuti perkembangan kes mahkamah ini dengan teliti
  2. Sesetengah pihak ada yang khuatir dengan kemungkinan ada penglibatan Kerajaan dalam kes ini. Kita lihat saja proses mahkamah nanti. Jika benar ada perkara yang akan membawa kemusykilan, nescaya SiPM akan membawa hal itu ke medan perbincangan (dan lebih lagi) di alam internet ini. Kalau semuanya teratur, maka kita harus akur dengan keputusan mahkamah
Janganlah kita gusar dengan pendapat sesetengah pendapat bahawa dengan kes saman fitnah ini, tertutup sudahlah ruang kita untuk mempunyai hak bersuara di alam internet ini.

Jangan gentar! Teruskan perbincangan kita! Selagi kita tidak berbuat salah, keadilan adalah dipihak kita!

Tahun ini adalah tahun sebelumnya Pilihanraya kita.

Kita harus meneruskan dan membongkarkan segala benda yang boleh kita perbaiki lagi supaya negara kita, Malaysia, yang tercinta dapat mencapai wawasan-wawasan murni yang di idamkan oleh SiPM dan saya harap, yang di idamkan juga oleh pembaca sekalian tanpa cacat cela.

Bak seperti kata Raja Petra dalam wawancaranya dengan Al-Jazeera, dia berkata "Walaupun ada yang disaman, ia tidak patut dijadikan alasan untuk sesetengah tidak menulis didalam blog lagi."

"Saya tidak fikir ini perkara besar. Perkara kecil sahaja... sudah lumrah untuk orang menyaman jika tidak puas hati dengan apa yang ditulis."

"Tetapi mari kita perhatikan apa yang akan berlaku di mahkamah. Itu akan menjadi saat paling menarik"

Itu adalah satu nasihat yang baik.

Kita serahkan proses ini kepada mahkamah tetapi kita akan memantau mereka dengan tekun.

Adalah lebih penting kita teruskan perjuangan kita untuk Malaysia yang lebih baik daripada yang dikotakan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional supaya Pilihanraya 2008 akan memberi kejayaan pada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Hingga ke minggu hadapan!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meanwhile in Reality

Meanwhile in reality and away from the navel-gazing by Malaysian netizens today, we are glad to read a plethora of articles in the local print media about the civil service.

Guess it strikes a chord somewhere out there in our efforts to improve Malaysia in its 50th year.

Newly-minted New Straits Times group editor Syed Nadzri wrote on January 16 about the civil service red-tape that keeps styming the business of business. Apart from that, it screws up our lives too which those queueing up for simple services can attest to.

And this is apart from the queues at the various departments of Immigration, Land, National Registration, Road Transport and whatever that you can name.

At The Star, veteran journalist M. Veera Pandiyan noted in his new column Along the Watchtower on January 18 about improving the delivery system - a catchphrase by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and echoed by countless politicians and civil servants since.

It has yet to happen all over the place. But you can get your passport within the day at certain spots. Guess somethings are easier than others.

And over at The Sun, crusading investigative journalist R. Nadeswaran articulated in his Citizen Nades column about sensitive matters in Malaysian sports that involves officialdom - from politicians to civil servants again.

He noted the litany of grouses and broken promises in Malaysian sports due to inaction and vested interests in providing the basics for the development of athletes and sports figures.

Even on the net, radio and theatre luminary Patrick Teoh revealed in his Niamah blog about the plight of Malaysian policemen and their low pay as they go about ensuring peace and security in the country.

While it is conceded that the Royal Malaysian Police image differs among the populace, the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) would like to again recommend that we double their basic pay and expand the force.

What all have written is a testimony to the issues that affect our nation and the necessity of solutions to our problems. So let us focus on the issues at hand rather than bury our faces in computer screens and furiously type away criticisms without any solutions.

Because we cannot always remain all along the watchtower...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Chief Whips: Like Get Real!

My fellow Politburo members have been like complaining to me.

Some of our fellow citizens have decided to censor them. I'm like sooo furious.

What is happening to our fellow citizens? And I'm like thinking aren't they supposed to be the very defenders of freespeech?


Mat Merah emailed me his comment when it was not approved. Soooo... I checked SKThew's site today and it was still not approved. This was his comment:

One Response to "Pictures do tell stories"
Mat Merah says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
January 11th, 2007 at 1:35 pm |
Gawd, could you give it up already?

What is your point in this? Why do you and your ilk pick on him? Is this a feudalistic thing that you have, everytime some disaster strikes, you need the prime minister around to whisper sweet-nothings to you?

A good administrator and for that matter a prime minister is the system that he creates to ensure administration continues even if he is not there. If it doesn't, and there is a screw-up, then please blast him.

Isn't he entitled to some time off? You want him and a stream of others like the King, the Sultan of Johor and others to turn up to comfort those affected by the floods?

Come on, get real!

Give solutions man, not just carp on this! Will you bring this up when the elections happen? Is this more important than what is really going on in Malaysia - the lack of transparency, the lack of religious freedom et al?

And what did you do for the flood victims? You visited them? You helped? I defend your right to speak but this post is ridiculous.

shanghaistephen says:
January 12th, 2007 at 3:32 pm |
Hey sk,

Surely a case of missing local food lah…so long in Turkey, then South America..then straight to Australia…yeslah so surely missing "Malaysian" food. Just like the 'masconaut' missing roti chanai in Russia and rush back to eat that. Maybe we can pack some canai for that joker to eat in the outer limits lah!
Who's restaurant is that anyway ah?.. for the PM to go and "open" ceremony.
Must be very important to be there when the country is under water…hmmm. reminds me of that Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning…hmm…but then Nero was mad ,was't he ?
As you can see his earlier comment is sooo not approved but a comment that was posted later by shanghaistephen was approved!

I'm like... Get reall!!!

It's now like all these citizens have their own personal agendas... This is tooo scary babes.

And here I was thinking that hey, we're supposed to be unbiased and be fighting for the truth eventhough it makes us look bad!

Dek Mat also emailed me last night:

I tried to comment on Jeff Ooi's Screenshots twice but my comments were not approved :(

The first instance was when he posted about the RM50b supposedly sacndal. I wrote whether has anyone checked the authenticity of the papers cos it looked kinda fake to me - NOT APPROVED!!!

The next instance was in his second post about the RM50b supposedly scandal. It was in reply to one of Frank&Honest's comment. I wrote "Hey good comments.. At least Jeff Ooi approved yours but he didn't approve mine when I told him that I think the documents look like fakes... - NOT APPROVED!!!

Oh well... just to highlight the matter to you. Hope you can do something about it!

Cheers! See you at [DELETED] later...
I'm like, Oh. My. God!!!!

Now I'm like sooooo furious that I'm like foaming! -NOT!!! Just kidding!

Okay, but I am still furious! And I thought Mr Ooi was the man with the motto "Thinking Allowed. Thinking Aloud"

But why is my Dek Mat soo not "allowed" to think "aloud" at Screenshots? Is it because his thinking is different that Mr Ooi's?

This is like soooo fascist! If Mr Ooi ever gets into politics, I'm like sooo making sure everybody remember this day.

Common Mr Jeff Ooi! Like get real! Get transparent already!

It also seems to me that these days, even some citizens are scheming together. Like posting similar breaking news and putting it up and referencing each other.

Even ex-journalists ranty-aunties are patting each other's back in mutual self admiration. Sigh...

It's like suddenly the Malaysian Blogosphere is attacked by the dark side of the force who pretends to be Jedi's then like suddenly tries to fool us with dark side of the force mind tricks!

I soo like to quote that letter to Malaysiakini that Frank&Honest referenced:
"In the interest of the nation and as a counterweight against the pro-government stance of licenced mainstream media, the Internet’s blogs and online media like malaysiakini are indeed the last bastions to ferret out falsehood and defend the truth.

Let it be said that we cannot serve such a cause if we follow a herd instinct and rush to publish material that we have not done scrupulous due diligence and verification, committing the very sin of disseminating misinformation that we accuse the government’s media of and squandering in the same process, our moral and credibility capital in respect of publication of the truth. In turn, opening the way for a government clamp down based on this very same justification."
To all my fellow citizenn, please... come on.... let's like stop stop all these scheming!

Let's altogether uphold the truth and unbiasness!

Unless of course, like you guys do have a secret agenda/personal vendetta.

It's sooo like you guys are sooo trying to wag the dog first...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Week That Wanked By: 8th Jan-15th 2007 Democrazy in action

What a week it has been!

This week SiPM would like to start to be a little different than previous weeks; we are now going to revolve the discussions of the Week that Wanked By (TWTWB) around the core issues that were addressed by SiPM members of the Politburo in the blogosphere. Some issues were discussed online and some were discussed offline during the regular compulsory politburo alchohol binging sessions. This week's topic include:

  1. Bloggers United: No Fear
  2. The PKR and PAS Election Boycott
  3. Paranoid Politicians and Posers
1. Bloggers United: No Fear
It all started with disappearance of our Mat Poster (aka Kickdefella to other people and Sheih to some other), he then reappears as supposedly his realself only to disappear again and making a comeback within 3 days with even greater vigour.

At tha same time the blogosphere is trailed with reports of legal suites against Sheih, Jeff Ooi and Rocky- all on the pretext to shut them up.

So Sheih creates a No Fear button, downloadable for all bloggers to proudly wear this badge of honour - to feel that they are uniting against a government that is trying to clamp down their independent voices.

SiPM disagrees with these bloggers.

To say that the government is behind these coercions is misleading and irresponsible!

Let's look at the facts:
  1. Allegedly the law suit is a civil matter ie. private citizens/corporations vs the said bloggers. Not the government
  2. Who dares to tell SiPM that some of the materials posted by Jeff Ooi, Rocky and Sheih are not libellous. So if the individuals who are being discussed without prejudice in these blogs felt they were being attacked maliciously and unfairly, they have every right to sue Jeff Ooi, Rocky, Sheih and even people like you and me for libel. The blogosphere do not operate in a legal vaccuum!
While we may urge these bloggers on to continue what they are doing for, yes, they are practising their democratic rights of free speech, and we stand by the credo: We may not agree with you but we would defend your right to say it.

But we also defend the right of others to sue anyone for libel.

2. The PKR and PAS Election Boycott
We at SiPM are disappointed that PKR and PAS are boycotting the by-elections in Batu Talam.

While PKR and PAS may have points with regards to the Election Commission's imperfect enforcement and much needed improvements in its independency; PKR and PAS has actually done Malaysians a disservice by not giving the choice to Malaysians to make. To vote for the other person.

But by now we already know that it's all a big sandiwara where suddenly we have an Independent running and the media is already labelling him as the 'son of a DAP leader'.

So much of an Independent candidate.

We believe that while the Election Rules need to be refined, we still need to participate within the democratic space that's been provided.

More importantly, any irregularities with Electoral List, phantom voters, etc must be voiced out in advance so that the voters themselves can know of these dodgy dealings and make up theor own minds.

To say that the Elections Commission is overtly biased is false too! Or else how can PAS still keep Kelantan and at one time wrestled Terrenganu from BN too?

3. Paranoid Politicians and Posers
So what is our take in all of this?

To us it seems very surprising that suddenly bloggers (who are supposedly to claim to be independent) are aligining themselves with the opposition and also the former Prime Minister, who as we know is the master of FUD.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

So now we have former sworn enemies collating and sharing war tactics. The former administration had always used Singapore, the corrupt west that wanted to rape our lands economically as red herrings.

Sounds familiar? Of course, because now these bloggers and the Oppostion are using the same tactics. The maxim is true: There are no permanent enemies.

To make us fear the worse, create that feeling of uncertainty and doubt towards the current administration.

Today, we at SiPM have attempted the tabboo. We have defended the current administration. We are not aligned to them and claims that we at SiPM are the same Oxbridge folks on the Fourth Floor is false. We categorically deny this malicious rumour!

But SiPM we are obliged to call a spade a spade. What is bad for the country is bad. What is good for the country is good irrespective whether the suggestions cme from the ruling party or the opposition.

It is time that we put Malaysia and Malaysians our utmost priority.

Not for selfish political gains.

Not for personal vendetta.

There is no such thing as permanent friends.

There is no such thing as permanent enemies.

There is only permanent self-interest.

It's high time we make that self-interest to be Malaysia.

But unfortunately, everybody wants to rule the world...

Hailing the Cab

So, where are we going with this? Seven years from now, the authorities promise that all taxis in Kuala Lumpur, and by extension the Klang Valley, will morph into bigger and more comfortable executive taxis.

That isn't exactly our problem, is it?

The taxis are fine as it is and quite well maintained - a far cry from the black smoke-belchers of yesteryears and dodgy air-conditioning and ever dodgier fare-meters.

The fare-meters are still a mite dodgy and the drivers - let's face it, some are are less-than-honest. And that is putting it mildly. And that is part of the problem in Malaysia's public transport industry.

We don't need solutions seven years on. We need solutions now. Integrated public transport system that is efficient, affordable, clean and to the extent possible, enviromentally sound in terms of air and noise pollution.

We don't have much of that now. We can learn.

From our neighbours in Singapore where there is the one card to rule the buses and trains. That taxis have receipt-printers and a trunked radio system with computer systems that provide booking via SMS apart from phone calls and GPS maps.

And you can pay with credit cards too.

And that they still have privately-owned taxis - numbering some 600 or even less - driven by their owners and not owned by conglomerates. But they are a dying breed - literally and figuratively - and will be phased out soon.

As for their buses and trains, they run on time.

From our neighbours in Indonesia where for years the Bluebird group have provided taxis for various segments in Jakarta - from the normal Bluebird taxis to the executive limousine Silverbird - and even provide a post-paid service via vouchers and credit cards.

And while Jakarta still have to get a city train system in place, the authorities have expanded their busway system throughout the city - dedicated bus lanes with all new buses powered by natural gas - that are air-conditioned and run on time.

How about that for innovation.

So it isn't really about the vehicles per se, it is about the service.

So, let's get with the programme.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Chief Whips (Wednesday): It's Like, Passing the Buck Babes!

Like, the bunch of losers had a protest the other day about the tolls and all and that retired Barney, he is just sooo yesterday, then admitted he was a spaz when it came to contracts.

What a loser!

What a barf bag these politicians are. I mean, not like us in Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We rock!

Give them some trust and what you get, they go postal on you!

Even the other political parties are sooo just giving lip service. That dude from Parti Kera Raba Raba recently said that in 1996 Litrak was given the concession for LDP aaannnnnnddddd that handsome man that was acquitted from sodomy charges also said that in 1997 he stopped a toll hike because a particular Tan Sri was sooo like trying to get some extra cash to fund kickbacks.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Is that handsome man hinting that in 1996 the Finance Ministry had no input to the concession agreements that was spearheaded by the EPU? As if!

Is he saying the EPU is like making all these contractual arrangements without checking with the Treasury? Does he mean the EPU is like, more powerful than the entire government put together?


Even the Litrak jerks and babes are are sooo keeping their mouths shut by just saying that the Government should be the Barneys replying to questions but had the cheek to joke and tell us to, like go and buy their shares!!!!


Excuses are like being passed around more than barbie dolls at my baby sister's tea party!

You do know what this is all about, dontcha? Yeah, its like a complete breakdown in government functions and trust between the politicians barf bags and the people. That's us, baby! The people I mean! (Yeah, Malaysiakini charges a toll too, they call it subscription.)

Well, we in SiPM would sooo do it differently:

  1. Like, review the toll concessions and make them public and like, see what can be done. Wouldn't that be sooo cool! Heck, dudes and babes, I would like to know where the buck stops. That buck and more for the toll that is!
  2. Like, differentiate roads and their management to local authorities, state and federal jurisdictions. Which also means, like, have local government elections too! And possibly more taxes. Duh!
  3. Local councils will legislate that property developers make access to roads and highways and people will be like - hey, won't this make the houses more expensive? Read my lips babes, not if we give them incentives and cheaper land!
  4. Like, reduce irrelevant taxes and surcharges on cars. That means no import duties! Hey, everyone needs wheels, baby!
  5. Like, you know, tax people for using fossil fuel-burning engines to help save the world. Which means you will have to pay more for all that gas. The more you drive the more you pay!!! Sweeeeet!
  6. Like, stop usin' even the tolled roads for now. Duh!
  7. Like stop usin' even cars for now. Gag me with a SPOOOOON! No I said that already, whip me babyy!!!
  8. With all these new taxes, the federal government will have money to improve and build better public transport infrastructure. Yes if SiPM wins the elections, the government will be building the infra. Duh! Why didn't think of this before? Duh... of course SiPM we don't have and will not have cronies to make rich!
  9. Management of these transport infras will be privatised! Woohoo all these ideas are turning me on!
  10. All Touch'N'Go smart tags will be using RFID... This is so like yesterday's technology and Singapore has like had it for yeaaarrrs. But the trick is everyone has to RFID for ALL tolls. You can so top it up in mamaks, petrol stations, 7-11s, etc. No need for toll booths. Now just whiz thru. Like no more bottle necks babes!!!
  11. Vote out those Barneys running the show in the next elections. Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). Sweeeet!

Seems to me that the entire Barisan Nasional government and past leaders like Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim and the civil service sooo totally failed us.

They, like, took us for a ride. One that we are paying for! Gag me with a s SPOOOON already!

So, like, you know what to do! Vote for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We are rad and mad, but you know we can way do it because we are tubular!

Later babes!

P.S. Wednesday is like in brackets because I sooo only finished this article this morning. Ooopps my baadd! heheee

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Weeks That Wanked By: 26th Dec-7th Jan 2007

It's been a crazy two weeks... it's been slow here as many of us are still recuperating from excessive partying but before I forget, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year!

So far for SiPM it has been a good start with our MP/Chief Whip YB Maya Minah Black and newcomer Tatak Sombong contributing their thoughts (ok actualy YB Minah Black hasn't really started yet, her New Year address was drafted by me... So YB please start on your Wednesday column ok? ;) hehee)

And as for Tatak Sombong he's been flying high with the highest number of contribution (ie 2).

The toll price hike has been a topic close at our hearts and this is shown by contributions by Tatak Sombong hinting that we should protest about Proton too while we are it, and Mydeen's suggestion that we should boycott the tolled roads altogether so that we hurt the concessionaires' revenue. Meanwhile Mat Merah reminds us that we really can't do anything about the toll hike (because it was agreed to by the previous administration) other than the ONLY thing we can do: VOTE the current government OUT and vote SiPM in!!! Mat Merah said this again over at Aisehman.

On PROTON, Mat Merah already made recommendations here at Aisehman.

Ever since Kickdefella has blogrolled us, our members have been actively participating in discussions there. Kickdefella was trying to drum up support if he should continue making movie posters and both Mat Merah and Mydeen said go for it Kickdefella!

In Kickdefella, the Prime Minister is never not mentioned, this time there were discussions about saving him, Mat Merah quipped that we should try to help him to go on that straight and narrow path but if he doesn't want to listen, VOTE Pak Lah OUT! Vote SiPM instead :) And Mat Merah reminds us again to to our civic duty come next election: to vote as many SiPM candidates in the next election!

The hanging of Saddam Hussein was also a hot topic at Kickdefella, Kickdefella wanted Pak Lah to comment on the hanging, but Mat Merah reminded him there'll be no difference as Saddam is dead, Meanwhile Dek Mat advised a commentor the danger of vengeance and retribution eventhough the victims were your own flesh and blood.

Synery Drive's merger of the three big plantation companies were still hot in rockybru (as are all other trivial things like the Rm30mil yacth) and Mydeen gave a comment that the opposition are keeping silent about it because they lack the expertise to comment, so they're gonna take below the belt potshots soon...

The floods in South Johore are still hot over in monsterblog. Mat Merah writes that we all need to be prepared for disasters which he thinks that the government is not good at (other than the preparation for which kueh to serve during meetings). Vote for SiPM because we were all scouts! We are always prepared! ;)

Back at Aisehman, SiPM supports Aisehman's proposal to ban political parties based on ethnicities. Mat Merah explained in details in the comments.

Also Aisehman wrote about Air Asia's new cheap flights to UK. Mat Merah commented that the "Easy Asia Virgin" will have meals and other services at a cost... how much for a lifejacket?

Back at one of our other favourite haunts, monsterblog, Mydeen sarcastically reminds us that this year is 2007, two-double-oh-seven, the year we have a licence to kill politicians. Not literally but figuratively of course through the ballot box! ;)

But the best comment of all is reserved for one of the hot shot bloggers over at monsterblog Mack. Mack says that "If SiPM is on the ballot, my X will be right next to it".

Mack has made up his mind. you should do the same too...

Vote for Siber Party of Malaysia (M)!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sod The Toll, Let's Protest The Existence of Proton

Here is a fact: No one likes the idea of higher toll charges on Malaysian roads.
Well, maybe the highway concession holder does.
So, most people, then, do not like higher toll charges.
Er, well, the guy who does not own a car. Maybe he does not care.
Ah, yes, car owners then will not like paying more to use public roads.
You get the point.
But then tataksombong would like to point out an undeniable fact: a car costs a lot of run. We have to pay for fuel, pay for road tax and even, yes, pay for tolls.
The biggest outlay, however, is the cost of buying a car.
And in Malaysia, it costs lots and lots of money to buy a car.
The reason for that, of course, is that the Malaysian government charges extremely high taxes on cars.
Especially foreign ones.
You see, we do not like them foreign buggers. They come here and try to sell us these vehicles with their funny sounding names like Toyota and Mercedes, with their superior technology and nice designs.
Why should we buy these superior cars? Especially when we have our very own Proton.
We have to do all we can to protect our Proton. Why? Because it's the Malaysian thing to do. To buy Malaysian and make sure it survives. Why? You shouldn't have to ask, but it is because it is Malaysian.
And all of us will just have to pay if we want to buy a foreign make. If you are going to buy a Nissan or a Toyota or even a Ford, well, you should be punished for it.
All good Malaysians should buy a Proton.
So there. I have said it. I think we should enact a law to ban all foreign cars.
We have the right to drive a sub-standard car if we want to. It is a basic human right.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

SensualSophia Indulges Political Malaysia (Mmmmm...)

I was at the Parliament of Malaysia for YB Maya Minah Black's annual New Year's Eve party in the Banquet Hall and the boys were looking hunky in their black tie. One detached himself from his cohorts and came over to tell me I was simply irresistible.

I smiled back. He complimented me as he stared at my nipply self under the little black dress that sheathed me against the cold cold corridors of power. I licked my lips and he signalled me into the main chamber. He walked slightly behind me and frotted me as we went through the double-leaf doors meant for the Parliament Speaker. And took me straight to the Speaker's Chair right in front of rows of seats meant for the honorable Members of Parliament.

I was just interested in one member. He tabled me on the Speaker's desk and slipped the sheath of black material off me as his tongue slathered around my turgid nipples and whispered sweet nothings as he mouthed my titties. A charming silver-tongued politician he was, a cunning linguist - pun intended - so to speak! He then went southwards, where my kittie was all wet like a flooded Johor and flicked his tongue like a lightsabre making out with its kin in the heat of the battle.

More was to come, he promised! He was bad with his puns but he kept his word of donating to my kittie. He divided my legs like money for his constituents as I played with the Speaker's gavel that has banged many a table, feeling the smooth wooden shaft and head and imagining what was to happen. He undressed in a flash and said "I beg to propose!" before he expertly banged me like how the chamberlains banged the gong at the other end of the chamber before parliamentary sessions began - surely and lustily! We pumped until we were spent. He was the consummate politician, keeping you satisfied while screwing you!

If this was what a congress was, I want to be a politician. Have you ever had your ballot box stuffed? *impolitically yours*

(To our loyal supporters and sympathisers, this special post is an appreciation of Sensual Sophia's support for the Siber Party of Malaysia (M). We had proposed to swap posts with her to mark 2007 but she politely declined. However, we decided to carry on and fought each other for the pleasure of doing her - pun unintended. This remains a group post and we want to thank Sensual Sophia for her writings and ridings! Happy New Year!)

Monday, January 01, 2007

My Wish My Wish My Kingdom For A Wish

Ahem...' this on? Well, er...I hope you don't mind ah...I put down in words ah... how wonderful it is to be in 2007!
Please allow me to introduce myself... I'm a man of wealth and taste (or so I think) I've been around for a long, long year...Stole many a man's soul and faith.
Pleased to meet you all ah...Hope you guessed my name, um yeah!
I've lied and I've cheated, I've toiled and I've laboured. But worst of all, I'm rich and successful! Even I find myself irritating.
I come from a land north yonder where women glow and men quaff liquor! Can't you hear, can't you hear the kelong?
Anyway, enough of ripping off rock lyrics (apologies, boys and girls, to Elton John, Rolling Stones and Men at Work).
As the new year dawns, it is my sincerest wish that we, Malaysians, should:
1. do at least one nice thing to someone we don't like;
2. get drunk at least once a month. But get someone else to drive you home;
3. learn something about someone else's culture. And respect it;
4. not take religion so seriously all the time. It's tiring. God, if you believe him, must have a sense of humour:he did make us afterall!
5. smile a little more. When you smile, you stop the gag reflex. Especially helpful when you've enjoyed too much whiskey, beer or anything else that is intoxicating. Hic!
6. start exercising. It's good for you. Really. No Kidding!
7. stop being so bloody sensitive! Gawd, if we are not insulted as a nation by some Hollywood movie we are being insulted as a race, or as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus. I am sure the believers of whichever religion didn't make this list would get insulted too. Chill guys! tataksombong says RELAX yes and don't take everything so personally;
8. strive for freedom. The freedom for all of us fellow Malaysians to do whatever we want as long as we don't physically hurt someone else, in private. Also the freedom to buy a car without subsidising Proton.
9. have more sexual relations. Now, before someone gets upset I'd like to refer you to No.8. Just wear a condom guys!
10. work hard, be happy, love more!