Thursday, August 05, 2010


Sorry, we have been busy. Busy laughing at all that has been happening in Malaysia.

I mean, you can't make it up. There are days when Anwar Ibrahim is a Jewish agent and there are days when he isn't.

And there are days when an * is the tipping point for a letter to editor which inter alia, says

In fact the gross error in you previously uncorrected article can be construed as an effort to derail a very important Government initiative. Such effort to derail the Government efforts to foster national unity is not only unpatriotic but downright dangerous.

We fail to understand why you feel the need to undermine a crucial Government effort to create a harmonious and united Malaysia. A responsible and credible Media organisation is one that makes all effort to improve unity and harmony and are at all times focused on the improvement of society whereas you are clearly bent on sowing discord and disunity.

But the reply skipped that point.

And I thought that was unfair to a letter crafted with care and thought by the Deputy Prime Minister's press secretary.

And I thought perhaps, I can write better than the Editor of The Malaysian Insider.

To paraphrase him, herewith my letter.

Dear Dato Ainon Mohd, Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister,

Thank you for your faxed statement on this matter dated August 4, 2010. The Malaysian Insider would like to apologise for the reporting error in the said article that appeared on August 3, 2010.

As a matter of policy, we add an asterisk and note below an article when it has been corrected. However, we shall accede to your wishes to remove the said asterisk, and the note that follows the asterisk.

As for your assertions - "to derail a very important Government initiative", "undermine a very crucial Government effort" and "whereas you are clearly bent on sowing discord and disunity" - I would like to say that I am not a member of a race-based party or movement or run a party-owned portal that doesn't believe in a"important Government initiative" or a "crucial Government effort".

Once again, our apologies and herewith reproduced is your letter and the transcript.

PS. I didn't want to correct the grammar in your letter because that would be censorship or clarifying what you meant when it was actually a correction.

PS2. I used PS because I know you don't like asterisks.

PS3. Is a very good gaming device.